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Vida Yousefi

I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. Working as a dentist, I found yoga a great exercise to bring balance to my body after long hours of work. Yoga helped me to develop an awareness of my body language and increased my sensitivity to the signs and signals of my body.

I met Tulku Lama Lobsang last year, who is a buddhist master and a doctor of Tibetan medicine and I became so inspired by his teachings which are based on ancient Tantric buddhism and Tibetan medicine. I learned about Lu Jong, or Tibetan healing movements, which is an ancient practice and a series of exercises that have been put together from different traditions and lineages by Tulku Lobsang and he modified them in a way that people of all ages and abilities could practice them. Also, Lu Jong exercises are not difficult for a less flexible body, however, would be very effective.It’s been a year that I practice Lu Jong and enjoy all its benefits and I decided to become a teacher of Lu Jong so more people can learn and benefit from this precious ancient practice. I became certified by Tulku Lobsang to teach Tibetan healing yoga and I would love to share it with others so they can also benefit from this healing movement practices.

I am also a certified Yin yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. I found Yin yoga a great complement to the busyness of our life, where we can find some stillness and stretch our bodies through slow paced, simple yoga postures after a long work day, or we can do it as a morning practice to start our day.

Vida Yousefi